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Category: Health & Fitness
Released: 13 Nov 2008
Published: 25 Sep 2011
Latest version: 2.99
Size: 4.14 MB
Seller: Falko Buttler

© BlueBamboo.de Falko Buttler

German, English, Spanish, French

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CaloryGuard 2 - Simply Lose Weight
CaloryGuard 2 - Your Personal Trainer, yet more powerful!

CaloryGuard 2 is your one-stop-shop calorie tracker. Losing weight and tracking your daily meals and activities has never been easier.

CaloryGuard provides a huge database with meals and activities, which is additionally connected to our unique online database. The online database gives you access to more than 20,000 additional meals and activities in 4 languages.

Share your favorite meals via Bluetooth with friend, or synchronize with your iPad via Dropbox. Your data is also save with backup/restore via Dropbox.

CaloryGuard is the VERY FIRST 3rd party iPhone application with Withings body scale integration. All your measures will sync automatically. No need to enter you weight anymore! CaloryGuard has been the FIRST application with an integration!

Try it out, lose weight and stay fit!


"I have been using the tool for a few weeks and in my oppinion its just a great tool." (Joel)

"[...] this app is awesome! Thanks to the program I already lost 60 pounds!" (Detlef)

"Killer App, already lost 15 pounds." (Nils)

"Thank you for the CaloryGuard program, I lost nearly 3 Kg in one month." (Octavio)

"Your app rocks" (Yannick)

"This app is absolutely cool. You can manage your meals with very little effort." (Andreas)

"Thanx for this great application !!!" (Cedric)

"Brilliant app!!!" (Thomas)

"Super App!" (Wolfgang)

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- Extreme fast and intuitive calorie and weight monitoring
- Custom favorite list with often used meals
- Bluetooth synchronization between different iPhones, iPads or iPods running CaloryGuard HD or CaloryGuard 2
- Automatic cloud synchronization with other devices and backup/restore via Dropbox
- Withings scale integration - wirelessly synchronize your weight
- Automatic calculation of optimal daily intake for losing, gaining or holding weight
- Very extensive food database (20,000+) with online database support (daily updates)
- Design your own food combinations ("recipes")
- Dietary advice with classification of food into 3 groups (green, yellow and red smilies)
- Statistics including daily 6-meals-overview
- Monitor fat, carbs and protein on a daily basis
- Passcode lock
- Support for metric and U.S. units
- Add own meals and activities to the online database to share it with other CaloryGuard users world-wide
- Available in English, Spanish, French and German

What's new in Version 2.99
iPhone 5 / iOS 6 ready
Updated Dropbox integration
Made online update more robust
Improved stability

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