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Category: Entertainment
Released: 01 Apr 2010
Published: 29 Sep 2010
Latest version: 1.1.5
Size: 0.60 MB
Seller: Carlo Chung

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Chinese, English, Japanese

All devices
Math Clock HD
This version supports all platforms plus
extra features for the iPad platform.

Please check screenshots for iPad about
how this version looks on the exciting

Show off your mental math power to your friends and family!!!


1. Dynamic equations generated on-the-fly for the current hour and minute

2. Three levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, and Advanced

3. Easy level has two terms only with the basic arithmetic

4. Medium level has three terms with square root, polynomials and larger numbers

5. Advanced level with more complex expressions

6. Customizable clock background (iPad only)

7. Wide hour / minute layout (iPad only)

8. Retro flip-clock style

9. 12/24 hour mode

10. Adjustable equation flipping intervals

11. Realistic tile movements

12. Not available in any real clock!


* Touch an equation to get a dissolving answer!

What's new in Version 1.1.5
❖ iPod touch compatibility


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